How Do You Successfully Add A New Direction To You Lifestyle And See Better Results in Where You Are Going?


Today we are finding a new direction to update our lifestyle.  Welcome to the Jar Of Success Podcast, where you will find inspiration and growth to build a strong business.


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I have a new project and wanted to share with you how I go about getting it started.

There are many ways you can think of, or remember in school, when teachers would help you come up with ideas or gather ingredients.  But, what happens when you need to think out of the blue and start something all on your own!

Are you scared or excited?   

My new project has been developing now for a few years, but I never sat down and put it into place.  If you have followed me for a while you know I teach a lot of mindset and passion. I help you with the core things you need to get your business started and in place, but to start a new addition from scratch is a different kind of thinking.

No matter what part you are working on, it works the same.  

How to work on something new

I want to help you get you imaginary mind working and start creating.  

My favorite quote:    “Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.”

Your own journey being shared with others can spark so many creative ideas and can open a new world for you.  It did for me.

With this new addition to my journey I am filling in my lifestyle with some health.  Having to shift our food and cooking has made me start to think. Cooking to me can be fun if I have the time to enjoy it, yet in the past with the kids and crazy life, I just never really got into it.  


There is my first way of thinking.  So to continue.  (read more)

Come with me and get your life changes working for you to see better results.


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Jar Of Success, You will hear success stories told by many. Always remember you are:


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Stronger than you seem,

and LOVED more than you know.

To Create Success in what you are doing, it only takes a step in the right direction. As an Edupreneur, let me show you the different things you can do from the skills you already have.  Come learn how YOU too can make it, and create your freedom.    

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