Can You Really Find A Way to Succeed in Your Challenge and Break Old Habits.


I am sharing ways the have helped me overcome my past old habits and make my challenges life changing.  Welcome to the Jar Of Success Podcast, where you will find inspiration and growth to build a strong business.


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I have been on a challenge lately and I just want a to mention that it’s been different from any other one I have done.


I love challenges and always spring into action to get them done.  But in the end I seem to be no farther than when I started. What went wrong and why did I not see the success I was hoping for?


What I found was I’ve done this challenge before and I didn’t have my whole heart into it and I didn’t really set the goals that I needed to do.  


Not that I didn’t want it, I always made excuses that this can’t work for one reason or other. The voice in the back of my head was taking over.  It wasn’t gonna work with my circumstances. I always seemed to back up my excuses and not seeing through.


This time it is different.  Why?


I decided that I really needed this weight loss challenge because I need to lose some weight and feel better.  I have lost 18 pounds and still more to come


I started to look at this a little bit differently.


I started to look at this as something that I needed to do for me more so than the people around me.


when I started to look at it that way,  I started to look at my goals and look at where I wanted to be.


I put myself there and honed in on the why I needed it.

so there’s my question for you,  how do you know if something is going to work if you’ve never tried it before.


the journeys that you possess, the journeys that you create, ones that you put yourself on, shouldn’t be short-term if they’re going to change.  


They have to have meaning and to pull something out from inside of you from your heart.


then your journey needs to be a life change.


what journey are you creating?  what journey are you becoming? what journey do you want to start?


I invite you to start the best journey of your life.  If you want to see the weight plan I am on…. click here.


If you want a new lifestyle and develop a great journey,  come in to my training and I will get you started.


If you want to learn what I am doing differently comment below and we will chat.





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