Beginners Guide: Creating A Mission!   Your mission becomes a solid expression of your vision and values.


It becomes the criterion by which you measure what you do.  A Mission Statement is not something you write overnight!


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This is part of my New Book  “Empower Through”  Chapter 3:  Interact with your Passion!

Empower Through With Jar of SuccessCan you train yourself to be yourself? What are your skills and what lifestyle do you want? That is where the training I have, and the books I am reading, are coming to be the best thing I have ever found. Here is what we will learn in this chapter.

… Creating a mission

…. What have you done throughout your life, and can teach others?

…. Being in the Moment

…. Power of a Thought

…. Turning Points

…. How to talk to yourself and re-frame it

…. Psychographics

“Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your career”


Come join me in the training  :Empower Through



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Jar Of Success, You will hear success stories told by many. Always remember you are:


BRAVER than you think,

Stronger than you seem,

and LOVED more than you know.


To Create Success in what you are doing, it only takes a step in the right direction. As an Edu-preneur, let me show you the different things you can do from the skills you already have.  Come learn how YOU too can make it happen!    

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