New Discovery Reveals How To Put More Time in Your Day! Listen Up!  They laughed when I said I’d put more time in their day– But when I created goals to achieve my passion in an instant; They begged me for my secret!


In today’s episode we are chatting with Peter James, Known to put more time in your day.  Welcome to the Jar Of Success Podcast, where you will find inspiration and growth to build a strong online business.


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Are you in the busy professional struggling to get everything done category? Wish there were more hours in the day?
It’s not about time management, it’s about self-management.
Hello, I’m Peter James. I am a wise old British bloke who is passionate about helping other people get more time in their day. An avid goal setter, planner, organizer and systems guru I fully appreciate the value of effective self-management.
Since leaving the army in 1972 I have been applying systems to save time to everything I have done. A chef, a University Dean, a Director of Professional Training Programs and a consultant I have done whatever I could to eliminate waste and implement effective systems to save people time.

A chef needs a really sharp knife to make the work easier, so he takes time to sharpen it consistently. I believe with all my heart that professional people need to take time to keep themselves sharp by taking some time every day for themselves.

Gardening is a hobby of mine and I base many of my time-saving strategies on lessons from mother nature in the garden. Not everything turns out well and it seems disease and nasty things do all they can to inhibit good results. It is patience and attention to detail on a consistent basis that yields a great harvest.

I love reading, watching and listening to all the gurus on success. I assimilate so much and totally love sharing with people, all people, whenever I can. My personal mission statement is to “help all people reach their full potential through listening, caring and sharing, and believing that the smallest input can make the biggest difference”.

I am a husband, father, grandfather, son and brother and love all my family so much it humbles me. My wife puts up with my nonsense and I would do anything for her. We celebrate our 41st anniversary this October 2018.

I enjoy live training and speaking in front of a crowd. I have had over 60,000 students in my training classes over the past 20 years. Their positive feedback is like fuel for my speaking fire.

I love walking and enjoying nature, I enjoy a glass of wine and I love having friends round for dinner and conversation. I enjoy cooking and watching people enjoying my food. Sitting around a table and chatting with interesting company is a pure delight, especially when family from afar are there too.
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