Who Else Wants To Find The Right Path And The Right Conditioning?! To know you are on the right path to lead you to success can make or break your Empowerment. 


Jar of Success with Paula TaylorWelcome to the Jar Of Success Podcast, where you will find inspiration and growth to build a strong online business. We are chatting with Paula Taylor a Psychic and Life Coach, telling about what she does and why her life brought her together.


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Paula Taylor has been an empathic and intuitive healer for over 30 years.  She began by reading Tarot cards and went on to study and cast natal Astrology charts.  She has read for hundreds of clients including the staff of  tumblr, Spotify, and The New York Historical Society, for movie premiers and internationally for clients from Spain, Great Britain, Australia, and Russia.

She specializes in reading energy fields, and coaching women in accessing their own empowerment to achieve more balance in their lives and relationships.  Her history of experiencing many transformations through past life regressions and other spiritual events has contributed to her keen accuracy in reading each person’s unique energy fields.

Ms. Taylor has appeared in “Celebrity Ghost Stories”, in the movie “Keeping the Faith”, and in numerous videos. 

Website:  www.PaulaTaylorPsychic.com,

email:  PaulaTaylorPsychic@gmail.com


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