New Transformational Healing Helps You Find Answers To Many Questions You Have Within…When things hold you back and keep coming around, that is when you need them revealed in order to move on.


Welcome to the Jar Of Success Podcast, where you will find inspiration and growth to build a strong online business. We are chatting with Elena Skyhawk today about her healing and sharing with others how to overcome family abuse and struggles. 


If you enjoy today’s episode, look around there are many more to listen to. When you know that this is right for you, there is always help around the corner.  Reach out and I will get your started.


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Elena Skyhawk is a Shaman’s Touch Healing Master Teacher, LaHo Chi Practitioner/Teacher, and Reiki Master Teacher.

Elena studied for several years with Serge “Runningwolf” Martel, a shaman of Mohawk/Hawaiian heritage.  She trained to become a Shaman’s Touch Master Teacher and became a minister in Golden Eagle Ministries, Int.

Elena has also become a minister through I.M.M. (International Metaphysical Ministry), and also holds a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Sciences through the University of Sedona.

She is working on the first of several shamanic books where she will be sharing the teachings she was given by Serge “RunningWolf” Martel as well as writing the book of her life, Transformational Awakening, “A Shaman’s Journey to Ascension”.







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