Want a better life to take your journey? Here’s how Nathalie is doing it Pain Free!  It is a choice that only you can make.


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Today we are chatting with Nathalie Hotte a Health Coach who found the drive to push through and is now teach others about chronic pain. Take life and create a new journey that will make you happy.


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I’m Nathalie,

Growing up in constant pain, finally at 28 got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. From getting bullied to chronic pain coach, my journey wasn’t always easy but definitely worth it.

Before health coaching I was like you, constantly in pain,  was cancelling plans, and felt like I was just surviving. Well I couldn’t go on like that, as you can imagine, and knew something had to change I had to get back to living.  With small changes at a time I found ways I could change my food to what actually fueled ME, which is different from you and everyone else, found what movements helped me and what I had to do for self-care.  Together let’s find the best food for YOU, the best movements for YOU, the best way for you to be the best you, the living the life you choose you

For more information go to www.nathaliehotte.com

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