Here are 5 ways “You Really Can Do Things That May Be Ruining Business”  I will share how and ways you can correct that.

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Here are the things discussed in today Episode.

5 Things ruining your Business

  • To many unopened emails:    This is a big distraction.  Stop checking it every 5 seconds or spend all day on it.  Tip:  Schedule a time and set a timer.  
  • Productivity and distraction:  There are many things on the internet, articles, blogs, and tips.  These are great for research when needing a reference, but…. it takes you off course and sends you away from your goals.  Tip: only do research when you have a task to get done.
  • Focusing too much:  We all say we need to focus on what we are doing, but your brain need to have time to thing and process. That is why you need to take breaks.  Get out and play with the dog, clean the house or run an errand.  Meditating is also really good to let your body release the tension and your mind to absorb and think.
  • Lack of Purpose:   this is when you have not set the right goal.  It needs to be in front of you, written down and strong enough to pull you where you want to go.
  • Disorganization:  Be aware of what you spend your time on.  Learn to set a system up to keep you on track, get rid of the piles in front of you.   There are many thing now days that can help you.  If you need to hire a personal assistant or move things to ever-note or have a calendar to write down your to do lists.  Here is someone who can also help with Organization.  Listen up.

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