Here’s A Quick Way To Learning to Find Your Creative Voice, To Help You Be the Real YOU!


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I have been on a journey which entails finding my voice?   Not like most would think, even though I do love to sing, I am finding my voice in communication, in sharing, in making myself known for something to be remembered for.  Let your voice be heard!

 I will say it is a little different than most people would think, try googling it!  You will mainly find articles and blogs on singing.   But to really research it you need to look at communication and speeches and that sort of voice.  

Read more and do some Exercises Here

Do you let others see the whole you?

Finding your voice in what others think can be very hard. It might be hard for you to ask, or maybe you really don’t want to know.   It makes you think and analyze what you are doing.  Do you have doubts?

I caught you doing it didn’t I?  

 This was a very hard exercise for me also.   

 You start wondering and comparing.

Fight back against this evil.  We are all unique in many ways and when we find our voice, we will be free.  We will thrive and be overjoyed to share with the world.

There can be no comparison, because you are only one.  You have your talents that no one else does.

Now a little more thinking!

If you were an artist, what would be your main subject matter?

If you were the last person on Earth, where would you go?

What would be a funny thing to decorate your room with?

We all have different opinions on things and different points of view.  When you learn how to let your voice come through you will be free!  Be the individual you were meant to be and shine.

Think about  what passions you have that you can share with others?  People are waiting to see who you are and what you have to share.

Find your voice and live!


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