Where is your Mechanism of Psycho Success?  Today’s episode breaks down key that will help find the inner mechanism of psycho success.


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 Success Mechanism

Here are some keys to help.  


  1. Set your goal in your mind.  Don’t force it.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure out the how before it’s established.  Effort will be your defeat!
  2. Set it on automatic!   Keep your focus on the end result and the daily routine will become automatic.
  3. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. ….shoot….fire….aim.  
  4. Any skill is truly learned by trial and error.
  5. Trust in yourself and let it happen. The spontaneity is a natural idea.  


In the mental concept imagination set off our creativity.   You realize your brain is one of the unknown wonders of the world.   Sometimes it is hard to explain why we think the way we do.


The difference between the brain and a computer is one simple thing.  Emotions.  The operator of creation.

Come and read the Book by Maxwell Maltz called Psycho-Cybernetics and see where your Success Mechanism will take you.


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