Business Success comes with scar tissue.  The aches and pains, bruises and blisters are all signs of a growing and hard-working system.

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Today comes from a lesson I learned from Eric Worre about Scar Tissue.  

When you are starting out in business and see the others making it big, the one thing you don’t see it the scar tissue. Great business success comes with scar tissue in many forms.…

Everybody wants a fast, easy way to success. They want simple systems they can just download and think it all happens for them. They want the answers to be given to them. A lot of them want it the easy way. They don’t want to go prepare their own food, build their own house, grow their own business. They think their up-line, company, or down-line should do it for them. They don’t see what the top earners and the successful ones have gone through.  They don’t see the scar tissue.

I know you don’t want to make mistakes. The embarrassment, the awkward feeling, the possible shame.  Everybody is afraid of looking bad in front of the rest of the world. But that’s how you learn. 

Let’s learn to step up to the table, learn, try, then try again.  What you will find is a helping hand, a smile when you success and of course a pat on the back when you have reached the top. 


The Scar tissue, growing pains, and learning from adversity are important and valuable tools in the entrepreneurial toolbox. Don’t run away from it, use it to you advantage.

Reach out and find ways to heal your wounds and get back into the battle.  Business Success comes from Scar Tissue

Make it happen and let me show you how.  Get the Mentoring you deserve.


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