How To Become A Leader Building Passions And Dreams.  Today we are chatting with Linda Frame. Who became the rebel and made things happen.  She came out of desperation and created a way.

Jar of Success with Linda FrameWelcome to the Jar Of Success Podcast, where you will find inspiration and growth to build a strong online business.

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Linda Here:
I have been blessed to find my passion & success in the Online Digital Marketing World!
I am a Leader in helping others build their passions & financial dreams using my Online Digital Marketing techniques, very successfully!
As an International Business Entrepreneur, I Mentor & Coach individuals from all walks of life & backgrounds.
As a Nurse, Legal Consultant & Licensed Counselor, I have provided an opportunity for you to share your experiences & obtain support for what you’ve been through. 
For more information about me:

I love to play golf and try to play as often as I can. 
Other interests & accomplishments, besides Golf: Bowling, Keyboard, Wood Refinishing/Restoration, and of course MUSIC!
Things people don’t know about me:
I am a former Network Television Talk Show Host,
I was a Military Officer in the US Army Nurse Corp.
I am a trained in Wooden Boat and Furniture Refinishing/Restoration, with many, many, many years of hands on experience, even today. 
I owned a Furniture Refinishing & Restoration business (Fine Finishes) which included Wooden Boat Restoration & Refinishing. 
I played keyboard professionally at Supper Clubs for over 10 years, which was better known as the “Organ Bar” in the clubs & also included a lounge with dance floor.
I’ve played a Hammond B3 /w 122 Leslie Speaker, all my life.
Most music requests while playing professionally: 1900-1940’s era. I continue to play daily at home when I can.
I’ve had the pleasure to play golf rounds with LPGA & PGA players, however, “I remain no match for them, they’re great & were very kind to me”.
I’ve been on bowling leagues & participated in National Bowling tournaments since High School. I’ve had the pleasure to bowl with WPBC Carolyn Dorin-Ballard PWBC, in a National Tournament, which was truly an honor.
I started water-skiing at age 6 & continue to love skiing slalom today.
I am an avid animal lover of dogs & cats today. I have had 2 dogs that I rescued & they each lived full lives with me until they died of old age.
I raised 4 horses during high school & college, I loved to participate in field events: barrels & jumping.
I am a licensed Bartender!!
Currently, I have written a book for Hay House Publishing.
 If you want to work with me, Join me here:

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