We are chatting with Barbara Monk from “I Profit Now”.  Sharing her way of getting away from the traditional choose time vs money model of making money.

Jar Of Success with Barbara MonkWelcome to the Jar Of Success Podcast, where you will find inspiration and growth to build a strong online business.

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Who Is Barb?

I’ve been looking for a long time to get away from the traditional trading time for money model on making an income…(unfortunately that doesn’t work…lol) 
For many years I looked at offline home parties etc, … it wasn’ t for me…and doesn’t hold a good retention rate either, lol. 
Then I tried online and although there are many scams out there promising you’ll get rich quick…there’s also legit respectable businesses as well… 
After going through a couple that weren’t so great (I did learn a few skills and meet amazing people)…I did get involved with one that’s truly a gift in itself…I’m grateful and excited to be part of this company who have been around for 32+ years have an immaculate rating with the BBB, have high quality toxin/chemical free products and hold their business partners in high standing with ultimate respect and their retention rate is 96%!!…that’s impressive🌞🌞 
I believe everyone deserves to have a choice in making their lives better for themselves and their families, pets… 
I also believe everyone deserves to know how they can learn about this and other legit opportunities so they can make an informed decision regarding their health and well being on all levels🌞🌞

Come and see for yourself what you can do.  “I Profit Now”

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