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17861788_10155544115318132_8191630719631640823_n Today we are chatting with Kara Tanenbaum whos’ love for podcasts created her dream  “The Pod Squad Productions‘.

Listen In on The Podcast:



What Kara does:

My name is Kara Tanenbaum and I am the owner of The Pod Squad Productions. I partner with passionate podcasters to grow their audience by handling the nitty gritty details that they don’t have time to do, so they can focus on doing what they do best — connect with their listeners, spread their message and make a powerful impact.


My service offerings include:

  • Putting the podcast “show flow”  in place (streamlines the process to automate and provide sanity for the team!)
  • Acquiring and booking guests for interviews
  • Writing show notes
  • promoting the podcast episodes through social media and repurposing existing content via other mediums.


My background and how I got into this niche:

For over fifteen years, I was an Executive Assistant supporting high-level CEOs and wearing many hats: Event Director, Project Manager, Office Whisperer—just to name a few.


About a year ago, while doing some freelance project manager work for a Podcaster outside of my 9-5, something in me clicked and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the beautiful, innovative and fun world that podcasters are in. As an avid podcast listener for several years already, (some may call it a slight obsession), I developed such a connection with the industry.


So I took the leap and married my Type A personality with my love for podcasts and created an online business where i now support with passionate podcasters to grow their audience by handling the nitty gritty details that they don’t have time to do.


In a nutshell…

Simply put, I help my clients manage and promote their podcast effectively. My clients are passionate but may be feeling overextended with all of the tasks that go into creating a successful podcast. I become the “right hand” to swoop in, manage their to-do list and free up their time, so that they can focus on sharing their message, sharing their voice and engaging their listeners.


My next projects beyond 1:1 clients (I can explain in more detail during interview):

Curate tips, tools, courses and resources for podcasters, to serve a much wider audience. I am developing a course now to aspiring podcasters on how to start, launch and grow your podcast. The power of podcasting is immense and I want to teach them the WHY and most importantly, empowering the student by teaching the HOW.


The course will include step-by-step modules, breaking down the often confusing process of starting a podcast into small action items. It will also include launching techniques, putting processes in place,  managing guests, effective promotion and building a community with your listeners. The spreadsheets and documents provided within the course will also serve as wonderful resources for yourself or share to your VA and/or production team.


Offering for your listeners:

I would like to offer a $50.00 discount towards the price of the course, when it launches in the coming months. To get on the waiting list and receive the discount code when the course is open for registration, please click on the link: ______ (when is the episode going live? I need to create a landing page with an opt-in to collect email addresses. Please let me know a deadline in order to get this to you so the link can be included in your show notes…thank you so much! )


Connect with Kara:


Website: www.thepodsquadproductions.com

Email: kara@thepodsquadproductions.com

Facebook: @thepodsquadproductions

Twitter: @KaraTanenbaum

Stay Tuned for more Episodes.


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