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Fran GallaherWe are chatting today with Fran Gallaher,  She recently spoke at an International Women’s summit.  She in an Intuition Coach.




Listen In on The Podcast:



Fran Gallaher

Intuitive Coach
Really Flourish LLC
Create the life you want. Flourish!
fran@reallyflourish.com or Message me on fb!

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”    Albert Einstein

Your Story: Success that doesn’t feel quite like success

Many of my clients are successful adults. They know they should be happy—they have reached or are reaching many of their goals, they have much of what they always wanted, and have hopes to have more. But, still… they aren’t really happy.

Or maybe success is stubbornly eluding them, staying just out of reach. Success in love, family, career.

We will work together to discover where you dropped your True Self off—some lonely highway in the past, a dorm room or your first really big promotion, some moment when you accepted a career path or a job or a marriage or a home or a life that was what you thought you wanted, or what someone else wanted for you, but has turned out to have some rottenness or some hollowness or some drain, draining away your life force, at the core of your Being that you can no longer ignore.



Stay Tuned for more Episodes.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t Abandon the Ship | Your Gifts Will Make A Way

  1. I really enjoyed listening to Fran and I love her mission in life!! I talk a lot about living a ‘totally inspired life’ but ‘intuition’ is a word I haven’t actually used and now that I’ve been introduced to what Fran does I can’t imagine why on earth not? Thank you Sandy! 🙂


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