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Karen MenzWe are chatting with Karen Menz today.  Coming from a brain injury to business success.  


Listen In on The Podcast:


 Karen bring to us the healthy side of what we need:

Our business is “Healing Rise Up Solutions”.  We help overworked, stress clients become healthy, wealthy and joyful.  So, they can be slim, trim ageless beauties from the inside out.  We are like Saint Peter at the Pearly gates with the key to success!

Our goal is to help clients, to be Proactive for Optimal Nutritional Health and Beauty from the Inside Out.  We do not cure but help our clients become aware of their bodies.  If you are in tuned with your body and know what makes it tick.  This is half the battle.  Everyone has an innate ability to heal themselves, but they need to open the eyes of their heart.  One, they need to love themselves enough to go forward into a healthy life style.  The media has poisoned our minds with what is supposed to be good for us.  Well, realistically it is good for their pockets making them wealthy.  Whereas, we are getting sicker and sicker.  With Healing Rise Up, we want to increase awareness of our umbrella of products to help clients to go forward into tomorrow.

So, they can be slim, trim, ageless beauties from the inside out.

Our Business products are supplied by ARIIX. 

  1. We choose ARIIX because we tried everything under the sun and they just did not work.  My husband and I have desire to help others become aware of the greatest secret ever.  That is our product lines along with a great business opportunity.

We are a multilevel marketing company specializing in health-driven, organic supplements that support quality weight loss, essential vitamins, essence oils, air and water purification.  Our products are made in a FDA approved facility with FDA approved ingredients. Our products are just one step to helping you get healthy. You still need to consult a physician/doctor, and need to continue on your prescription drugs until authorized by your doctor. Our products do not heal you but help you get the proper nutrients and minerals to get on the path of a healthy life style.  Our company is globally driven to provide the highest compensation plan for its sales representatives. ARIIX Products are NSF Certified, FDA Approved and have achieved the much more stringent FDA drug facility registration.

Reach out to her on Facebook:  Karen Menz 


Stay Tuned for more Episodes.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job | Refused To Give Up

  1. Hey Sandy, love your podcast! Thanks to Karen for sharing her story, it is very inspiring!

    She proves that it is never too late to follow your dreams, and you can tell her sincerity for truly wanting to help others with their health and lives. Thank you again 🙂


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