Polly HearseyToday we are chatting with Polly Hearsey from  Marketing Made Simple.  Find her on Facebook at: Polly Hearsey marketing.


Permission Granted


Being yourself in your business is one of the biggest challenges we face.  The steep learning curve and the drive for reassurance leads us to the “must do” structures and processes that end up shoe horning us into a person that we are not. We seek reassurance and guidance from those who know more and have more success and in the process we compromise what we know to be true about ourselves in order to fit into expectations.

It backfires draining our energy, puts a mask on our true self, hides our talent and energy from the world.

We need to give ourselves permission to create at every level.  To be unique and individual at every level.  We need to give ourselves permission to trust ourselves and to look inwards for that reassurance.

Success begins with looking inwards – seeing yourself, your energy, your intent and your desires.

Business structures need to be built around you.  Then we can look outwards and see the business from a customer perspective and build the processes and experiences that they want, need and will benefit from.

Without you at the heart of your business there is a disconnect.  Friction and frustration boil to the surface.  Imagination, desired, creativity are blocked.

We must articulate this first so there is no friction, so that our own intuition can guide us.  So that we don’t end up believing that we are riddled with blocks, limiting beliefs and mindset issues.  Many of these comes because we have not articulated we should at the outset.  Look inwards, build outwards.

Build the structure around you, build the processes and experiences around your customers – the one flows from the other.  Friction, frustration, self-doubt disappear when you work from the inside out.  You give yourself permission to be you, to do it your way and to make your own trail where others will follow.


To reach out and ask for help in this Entrepreneurial world is one of the biggest steps we can make and the best thing we can do for ourselves and our business.   Both Polly and I are here for you!  Come and Make it Online!


Listen In:

Stay Tuned for more Episodes.

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