In Today’s Episode we are Chatting with Beth Tomasovic from Crafts and a Carafe 

Beth works full time in the family business and building her online biz on a part time basis.

She works with brick and mortar businesses in setting up, managing and teaching them about having an online presence.

Here is Beth To explain more on her Passion:

I am heavily involved in my passion project – craft projects for adults. www.craftsandacarafe.com
I am striving daily to bring people to the art of crafting for the first time and bring others back to crafting in general.
I believe it’s an important part of living to keep one’s hands busy creating and to keep one’s mind active and alive.


Listen In:



Stay Tuned for more Episodes.

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5 thoughts on “Creating Success From a Passion and A Therapy

  1. Wow…. I think Beth’s line here sums up how so many people feel these days….. “There’s something left for me to do in life.” Working an online business is the perfect way for anybody to reach a massive audience that they can make a difference for. I really enjoyed this podcast Sandy. Thank you.


  2. I got goosebumps listening to Beth’s story. Sometimes the Universe will give you a ‘subtle’ tap on the shoulder about the direction you might ponder going in … and other times it’ll give you a tap as subtle as a sledgehammer! The key is to be open to the taps on the shoulder.

    Kudos to Beth for being open, and kudos to you Sandy for finding yet another inspirational success story to share with your audience!


  3. Thank you for allowing me to share my story Sandy. Over the last couple of years my life has changed or maybe “flip-flopped” is the better word. Learning to see things, EVERYTHING, coming to me in the form of a positive sense and being grateful for even the negativity that creeps in, has helped me be open to accepting what happens in my daily living. That’s how I am able to recognize I have finally arrived at my purpose.


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